Customer Relationship Management

The customer relationship management component of the SAP Business ByDesign software helps support and enable your business in the areas of marketing, sales, lead management and customer service. This software solution helps you to target the best leads, highlights and maximises the opportunities, accelerate sales cycle and maximise revenue. The CRM software component of SAP Business ByDesign, enables you to understand the needs of your customers in a better way, thus ensuring that you deliver superior services and achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Some of the specific functions of the customer relationship management component of this software include those in relation to marketing, sales and service.


With SAP Business ByDesign you are able to seamlessly manage all the marketing activities like market development, lead qualification and lead management among others. With this CRM component, you are also able to keep track of any relevant prospects as well as customer information that your sales and marketing team will require if strong sales pipelines are to be achieved. SAP Business ByDesign helps you manage your marketing campaigns as you are able to segment your customer data and then prospect using attributes you define to create discreet target groups. You can therefore deliver high impact direct marketing campaigns in the form of email, letter or fax to specific prospects or customer groups. SAP Business ByDesign also tracks and manages responses so you can qualify leads and hand them over to the relevant department.

The Customer relationship management component will also ensure:

  • That you are able to effectively manage industry, market as well as competitor information
  • That there is a smooth and timely handover to the sales team as a result of streamlining lead management activities
  • That you create customer communications that are based on previous interactions you may have had with your customers as well as the requirements of customers and customer value.


This solution is designed to make your sales team more effective and efficient. This customer relationship management component of SAP Business ByDesign, give you complete visibility into all aspects of your sales cycle. This may include information on opportunities, orders, quotes and invoices. The CRM component is therefore a great asset for your business as it makes it quite easy for your employees to verify whether products are available, to forecast accurately and to identify up-selling and cross-selling opportunities that are available.

The software also helps your staff to do the following:

  • To zero-in on leads that are most promising therefore making it even easier to close more deals.
  • To manage your opportunity-to-quote as well as order-to-cash processes as a single process that is integrated.
  • Maintain complete service and product information as well as pricing thus ensuring that you make use of flexible pricing policies.
  • Obtain a 360-degree view of your customers in addition to using analytics and metrics to make effective decisions for the business.


The CRM system in SAP Business ByDesign enables you to give your employees the kind of tools that they require to deliver higher quality services, thus increasing customer satisfaction. This solution:

  • Enables service agents to quickly respond to customer requests by giving them access to the more up-to-date information.
  • Enables you to meet the commitments of your customers in addition to resolving service calls faster than ever before.
  • Ensures that you meet all customer and legal requirements by managing product warranty entitlements.

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