Supplier Relationship Management

The Supplier Relationship Management component of SAP Business ByDesign empowers your employees with capabilities for self-service procurement. This SRM solution helps your employees obtain supplies, gain approval from their manager, pass the process into the procurement department, and streamline the whole supply procurement. This procurement solution helps to reduce your costs and save time. The SRM component is extremely useful when it comes to the sourcing and purchasing requirements of your organisation.


The SRM functionality of SAP Business ByDesign maintains a central database of suppliers and product information. It can therefore help you to negotiate for better prices and manage multiple supplier contracts at the same time.Other key features of this SRM solution include:

      • You will access the most competitive prices in addition to finding the best suppliers and managing the entire contract lifecycle.
      • You can gain complete visibility into the performance of your suppliers.
      • You have access to better pricing through bundling multiple purchase requests and quantity discounts.


The supplier relationship management component of SAP Business ByDesign, enables you to streamline the purchasing activities of your company. You will also be able to provide real-time information to your buyers thus enabling them to negotiate for better prices for your company. Other benefits you will derive from the SRM functionality include:

    • The ability to use intuitive analytics so as to get insight into company-wide purchases monitor spending as well as control costs.
    • It ensures quick and efficient invoice processing as well as payments to suppliers.
    • It reduces staff workload by enabling you to manage the purchasing activities of employees thro self-service procurement.

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