Business ByDesign pricing

  • Subscription pricing based on user number and type
  • Pricing starts from as little as $1,980 per month for 15 users
  • Subscription terms of 1-, 2- or 3 years

A compelling, subscription-based pricing model

SAP Business ByDesign is licensed through monthly subscription fees, calculated on a named-user basis. The pricing schedule identifies three categories of users: self-service users, team users and enterprise users.

Pricing and functionality vary for each category. You don’t need to worry about software system maintenance; all core services such as backup, recovery and regular upgrades are covered by SAP and included in the monthly fee.

You can choose to deploy the complete solution, or you can address your immediate business needs first with our industry-specific, fixed-price starter packages.

SAP partners, available around the world, can tailor the solution to your specific needs or industry. They can provide a growing range of services and certified add-on solutions that you can select and activate using the online SAP Store.

Self-service users

These users make use of SAP Business ByDesign to perform core self-service office tasks such as time and expense reporting, purchasing, and travel management. Additional role-specific tasks are available depending on the type of self-service user.

Team users

Team users – typically sales representatives – use core customer relationship management (CRM) processes, from campaign management to opportunity handling, in the SAP Business ByDesign solution.

Enterprise users

Typical enterprise users are office workers, planners, accountants or salespeople. Regardless of industry sector, a standard enterprise user gets a rich variety of core functionality including CRM, purchasing and sourcing, financial management, human resources and more. The enterprise user for supply chain management deploys additional functionality to manage physical inventory, supply chain planning and manufacturing.

Minimum user count

You can get started with SAP Business ByDesign with a minimum of 10 team or enterprise users.

Included items

Storage, upgrades, system management, support and backup, and recovery are included in the monthly subscription fee.

General features

Included: Upgrades, 24×7 support, backup, recovery, system management, mobile access, SAP Store integration, Microsoft Excel integration, customisation.

Dedicated server, integration via web services.